Choosing Earrings Style

Jewelry and accessories can transform any basic outfit and add a personalized touch to your ensemble. Earrings can help draw attention to your best features, so it's important to select a pair of earrings that will balance out your face shape and complement your style and personal tastes. Whether you want to elongate your face or draw attention to your eyes, here's how to select the earrings that will accentuate and flatter your face shape:

Best Earrings for the Round Face Shape

Oval, square and long dangling earrings are the best match for the classic round face shape, since these draw attention to the cheekbones and jawline and can balance out a wider forehead. Round face shapes should avoid hoops of all sizes, since these can make the face look heavier and less sculpted.

Best Earrings for the Heart-Shaped Face

Tear drop earrings that fall just a couple of inches below the ear lobe and medium sized hoops are the best match for heart-shaped faces. Earrings in bold designs and bright colors will draw attention to the cheekbones, and work well with this face shape and an updo hairstyle. Avoid wearing studs or miniature hoops, since these can create a rounder or 'chubbier' appearance around the cheeks and jawline.

Best Earrings for the Long-Shaped Face

Chandelier earrings and small drop earrings are the best picks for those with long faces, since these will draw attention to the cheekbones and can help fill out the face. Avoid long and skinny earrings that fall at the jawline, since these will further elongate the face.

Best Earrings for the Oval-Shaped Face

Long, oversized dangling earrings are the best match for the oval face shape, but this 'ideal' face shape can get away with almost any type of earring design. Spiraled earrings, medium sized hoops and teardrop earrings are a good match by day, and the longer lengths work well with an updo for a glamorous touch.

Best Earrings for the Square-Shaped Face
Long tear drop earrings and oversized round hoops are the best match for square shaped face, especially if they fall right near the jawline. Square shaped faces need to be balanced with round, oversized earrings, so you can get away with large hoops or chandelier earrings by day or night.

Best Earrings for the Diamond Face Shape

The diamond face shape is already fairly balanced, so you'll want to wear earrings that are simple and classic in design. Small drop earrings that fall right near the chin line are ideal for evening outfits, and small studs or hoops that fall right under the ear lobe are the best match for the day.