Care and Cleaning Instructions

General Care:

  • For all your jewelry please just follow this simple rule:  Jewelry is the last thing to put on and the first thing to take off.

Care Instructions:

  • Protect jewelry from scratching, chemicals, extreme temperatures, swimming pools, intense sunlight, and other harsh environments.

  • Clean jewelry regularly with mild soap, rinse well, and pat dry with a soft cloth.

  • Polish gently with a jewelry polishing cloth.

  • Store jewelry in an airtight plastic bag along with a black anti-tarnish strip provided with your purchase to protect it and prevent tarnish.

Sterling silver and copper tarnish:


Over time, any sterling silver jewelry and copper exposed to air will tarnish. Sterling silver comprised of 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals. It’s the other metals, typically copper, that make sterling silver tarnish. The copper reacts to moisture and sulfur in the air, causing the sterling silver tarnish. Silver tarnishes faster in areas with high humidity and air pollution. Chemicals like hairspray, perfume, deodorant, body lotion, bleach, etc., can speed up the tarnishing process.


Cleaning your jewelry with household ingredients:


There is a very simple way to clean and shine sterling silver using products that you already have around the house. The process takes just minutes and will even remove tarnish from fine details and indentations in jewelry. Please don't use this method if your jewelry has fresh water pearls, turquoise, or other stones with pores.



  • Line the bottom of a stainless steel pot with crumpled aluminum foil. 

  • Add 1 tablespoon each of baking soda, salt and dish detergent. 

  • Add 1 liter of hot water and stir to dissolve it. 

  • Add silver to be cleaned, and bring water to a rolling boil.

  • Turn off stove and let the pot stand a few minutes. 

  • Remove silver, rinse thoroughly and dry with a soft cloth.

  • Discard foil which will have the tarnish on it now.


Cleaning your COPPER jewelry with household ingredients:


Method #1

  • Make a solution out of warm water, a few drops of lemon or lime juice, and a teaspoon of salt. Mix it thoroughly.
  • Dip the tarnished copper jewelry into this solution. Leave it there for a couple of minutes.
  • Remove the jewelry and rinse thoroughly. Repeat if some tarnish still shows.

​Method #2

Use a jewelry polishing cloth to keep the luster bright on your copper jewelry. 

​Method #3

Pour a dab of ketchup onto a cloth and rub it on the item. Then, rinse with warm water and dry normally.

​Method #4

Rub a bit of lemon juice. Then, rinse with warm water and dry normally.