About my Jewelry

I inspect and test every piece that comes out of my studio and pay very close attention to the quality of my products. Hammering my jewelry creates a special stylish look, but the more important thing is that hammering hardens the metal and allows it to preserve its shape and condition. When hammering doesn't provide enough durability, more wrapping is added with finer wire thus adding more design elements and holding parts together.

Please be advised that all my jewelry is made to order and your item(s) may be slightly different from its picture. I constantly work on improving my designs as well as proportion and balance, thus some jewelry pieces might be slightly modified to serve you better and last longer. 

Please expect some variations in stone color, pattern, or shape as well as metal components.  If you would like to see an exact stone that will be used in your jewelry please Contact me prior to your purchase and I will be glad to photograph and send you a picture of the stone. 

Please note that all photos are taken with a digital macro setting and are cropped to show you small details. This makes the items appear larger than they really are. Please be sure to check the measurements and additional images provided before purchase.